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Some very good points and I want to respond to them.

There is a new documentary out called 'Cereal Killers'. It follows someone wondering why his dad and uncle got heart attacks. They were world-class athletes, rarely drank, and followed the standard diet their entire life. They were not overweight. This lead him to low carb high fat and the damage of grains.

Saying grains don't want to be eaten is a short hand for the more complex arguments. It is NOT WRONG. It IS an oversimplification.

This is also critically important. While wheat is technically not a GMO it has been radically altered in the last 40 years. So that means while I believe people at best marginally tolerated grains before, now there are even more foreign proteins in wheat that our bodies have no idea what to do with.

And while sweet corn is not much of a GMO crop, 90% of the other corn is. Why does this matter? If you get any corn starch, HFCS, etc. you are most likely ingesting a GMO crop.

Professor Noakes in a video I watched last night explained it this way. Like almost anything insulin resistance is on a curve in the population. Some people like him need to be under 25 grams a day or he will gain weight. That is one banana. Maybe someone else can do 150 or even perhaps 200 grams and be fine. But if you are exceeding what is the limit for your body it is almost always going to be virtually impossible to lose weight.

And this is not about maintaining for me, or any weight on the scale. It is about health. Plenty of not-overweight people get heart attacks, diabetes, dementia. I feel personally there is overwhelming evidence that you are vastly more likely to have these or stuff like arthritis, joint pain, etc. if you are consuming grains.

And you can be at your goal weight or even below. Grains are not worth it to me.

So the argument would be that the less insulin resistant person maybe could have 2 to 3 or even 4 pieces of fruit a day. And a potato. BUT if the carbs were coming from grains no matter what their insulin resistance they would still be putting themselves at risk for inflammation which leads to a whole host of bad stuff. I will say also that the inflammation response also varies, but I think the vast majority of humans do respond to grains with inflammation.

As I said above, clearly not worth it to me to do that to my body and health, regardless of my weight.

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