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Originally Posted by Annik View Post
Yes, that's clear from the article. Again...That sounds like good news to me...what is amusing about it?
It is (possibly) good news, but I didn't have time to look into the study to see if the headline was just journalistic sensationalism or what. But, I figured DG would be interested in it. My "for amusement purposes only" caveat was intended to convey that I would not take the article as gospel and the headline as fact. I really debated whether I should bring an article like this to his attention because I didn't want him to overstate the case it makes.

I'm low(ish) carb myself and I am very careful with my grain intake (though not grain-free).

But I think overstating the science (which is what brought us the Lipid Hypothesis; let's not make the same mistake in the low carb camp) or repeating hand-wavey arguments (like grains don't want to be eaten=>they are bad for you) can do more harm than good in making the case. I also think that although it's really clear that lots of people benefit from a low carb approach and lots of people benefit from a grain-free approach, there are plenty of people who eat the traditional balanced diet, including grains, even among the successful maintainers at 3fc.
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