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I just had an internet argument -- why, I dunno. It's always futile -- about saturated fats. I firmly believe that the obesity epidemic started with the proliferation of high fructose corn syrup being put into everything along with the "processed food" era which I identify as starting in the early 70s. Which is all at the same time lovely Ancel Keys was wreaking havoc on all of us. Prior to that, everyone already knew how to eat and they were eating saturated fats, butter, etc. None of that trans fat and "healthy" margarine (something that doesn't melt but should is an abomination).

No one will ever convince me I'm wrong, but I need to get my chol numbers again so I have proof. Either way, I will never go on a statin. I think everyone should read and research for themselves and then make up their own mind and low carb just makes too much sense to me and is, indeed, the only way I can continue to eat healthy. No one trusts my opinion alone and that's fine, but I don't trust people that just blindly follow what their ONE doctor tells them either. Doctors know what they know and most have not read what a lot of us have read. The info is out there but it takes more than just reading a few little articles or listening to a 2 minute blurb on the news.
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