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Ladies- so sorry- I had a long day- I owe you all a few replies, please know that I am reading your posts and enjoying them, just so dar gone tired to respond. I will over the weekend- some awesome stuff you ladies all brought up the last few days- can't wait to reply to them all- I will, I promise!

Pattience- PLEASE stay safe- I hope that cyclone misses you completely- how scary!

Trish- thanks for the awesome information! I notice you're ticker going down, you lost more weight, didn't you?

ALEKA!!!!!!!! So happy you are still with us! I hope everything is ok with your hubby's family. Don't worry if you have to change diets- we're doing that in here daily, lol! I am still doing high fiber, but grain free to help break this plateau- it came early for me- usually I lose 30-35 pounds before hitting on, this one hit at 25, ggrrrrrrrrrr. I will go back to grains when I stall out on Paleo. I'll just go back and forth til the weight comes off. So, if you have to change your diet around, do so and keep posting in here with us- we still love you. Oh, and the weather was GORGEOUS today- we were at my daughter's track and field meet for four hours- she didn't get to do any fielding due to the wet ground, but she ran two races, and of course, one of them was the last one. So, I walked around a lot to get some exercise- I wish I had brought my pedometer. Usually she's in one event after another with running, shot put, discus, and javelin- we're usually chasing her all over the place, going from event to event, cheering her on. I miss my son doing this- he graduated last year, and came with us today to cheer his sister on- they kids on the team were so happy to see him again. He, too, was a fielder- seems strange not to see him in uniform now.

Ok, I babbled enough. Have a fabulous night all, and I will catch up soon with everyone individually. You ladies are the best!

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