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Your commitment will get you through. remind yourself as soon as a craving thought passes through your mind, of you goals. FOcus on your goals.

And yes get those temptations dumped in the bin. Make your husband remove them from the house, If he wants to put them somewhere safe so only he knows, he should still make you believe they are not in the house.

Keep your mind off the bad stuff and eat something healthy straight away instead. If you have no real reason to be hungry that point in time, just chew on a carrot or an apple. If you are hungry, have something more substantial like a cheese sandwich or tuna sandwich or something of that kind. Whatever you would normally do. Get rid of the real appetite and get rid of the thoughts about foods you would prefer not to eat.

Good luck.

Don't forget keep talking to yourself about your program, your commitment, your resolve and the need for restrain and sticking with healthy food etc. Make little rules for yourself for difficult moments.

Distract yourself from the problem. Go and put the bins out,water the garden, walk around the block. or something like that. Put the washing on. etc.
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