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themilesawaygirl-My friend played at this cool venue in LA thats like an art gallery warehouse. He did solo rep. Great job being supportive with your boyfriend I think maybe making a really casual suggestion about going to the gym together sounds like a good idea. When measuring you also have to take into account water retention just like the scale My chest always goes up around TOM and so do my hips! Try to measure every month around the same time(I measure in the middle of my cycle to avoid getting bigger measurements from water retention). Also if you're working out your muscles could be swollen so take all that into account when measuring. Let me know how the calipers go, I've been thinking about getting some myself. Would you recommend them? I'm glad you're sticking around even if you've made it into the 30s! Its awesome having you here

marnia-TOM hit me yesterday like a ton of bricks! I totally bumped my calories up a lot the past two days bc if I don't I will end up bingeing Haha that's funny about your dad, my mom grabs me whenever she sees me and yells "Don't lose any more weight! Do yo understand?!" Parents

Amandie-I make sure to drink lots of water and it helps, but I just drink so rarely and have such a low tolerance that it seems like no matter what I end up drunk even after a drink Oh well, at least it keeps me away from alcohol haha

atarimae-Welcome back! Glad to hear from you As far as dating and dieting, look up places ahead of time so you can find the most nutritious dishes or can plan to work the meal into your calorie allotment for the day! Since dating my boyfriend I've lost 20lbs, so its definitely possible to lose weight and date As for the beach-don't worry about it! Confidence is sexy and guys generally don't notice what you think of as flaws and are just super excited to get to have fun with you and see you in a bathing suit

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