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I'm on Optifast too. Today is day 2 for me. I started this back in October but I didn't do well with all the "eating holidays" at that time of the year. Now, I really want to give this a good trial. I have been thinking about bariatric surgery (gastric sleeve). I've met with the Drs. and have started getting the prior auth done. It occurred to me that I am looking for a surgery to get me where I could be with Optifast if I just stuck with it. Optifast 800 puts me at a similar caloric count and weight loss. I really would like to do this weight loss without surgery. So here I two and down 3.5 lbs. Today was easier than yesterday and I hope tomorrow will go well too. The Dr. that I am going to does not offer a support group for optifast so I am here on this site looking for encouragement and an accountability buddy. I would love to make this happen and finally be a success at this weight loss thing.

I am also a type II diabetic. I'm on 70 units of insulin which is adding to my hunger and weight loss issues. I want off insulin all together....quick!! All of my health issues are attributed to my weight. I have sleep apnea, I'm tired, high BP, sore joints, and some depression. I want to turn my health and life around. I would love it if I could get some optifast support going here. Thanks. I'll be back on tomorrow.
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