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Originally Posted by IanG View Post
Personally, I think going low carb and eating tons of saturated fat is a road to ruin. Specifically, weight loss but heart problems and clogged arteries later on.

Call it bro science, call it what you want.

But you need to eat good fats. Not bad ones just to save on carbs.

So you guys eat your burgers and bacon and I will eat my oily fish and let's compare notes in a couple of years.
Sweden has embraced the science of low carb.

w1: 11 lbs; w2: 4 lbs; w3: 3.6 lbs; w4: 5 lbs; w5: 5 lbs;w6: 2.4 lbs; w7: 1.4lbs; w8: 6lbs ; w9: 1lb w10: 4.6 lbs w11: 0lbs w12: 5 lbs; w13: 2 lbs w14: 4 lbs ; w15: no w.i.; w16: 11.5 lbs ; w17: 1 lb; w18: 2.5 lbs; w19: 2 lbs; w20: .5; w21: no w.i.; w22: 9 lbs; w23: 3.5 lbs ...

No longer morbidly obese! Total loss now = 108 lbs. With thanks to the Ideal Protein Diet (a form of ketogenic nutrition)!

Low carb life is my liberation!

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