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Originally Posted by diamondgeog View Post
And one more thing because this is important. Size of LDL particles and number of particles more important than just LDL number.

So what does LCHF do? First triglycerides plummet. HDL goes up. LDL can go up or down. But if it goes up it is the large benign particles.

In fact when America eat more fats of what I am eating now, heart disease was basically non-existent. And if you don't think low carbers are not aware of fish that is crazy.

And as I stated you can bet when we go high fat we learn all about fats, heart disease, omega 3, omega 6. We know the flawed studies. We know the meta studies coming out now show no correlation between saturated fat and heart disease. Did you know Sweden heart attacks are dropping as they eat more butter? Think you know as much as the average low carber making this decision based on science on fats and heart attack? Perhaps you do but based on your post summarizing all the incorrect info, arguably not.
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