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Pattience I think my fasting blood sugar goes up when I eat too many carbs although, I'm thinking it is when I overdo carbs in one meal. I seem to be able to handle on good carb (whole grain not white) in one meal as long as there are more protein and veggies in the meal. More fiber from the veggies and grain seems to balance it. Tues day I think it was, I had more starchy foods than I usually eat and my fbs was 145 yesterday morning. Yesterday, I had starchy carbs, but better choices and in smaller meals and my fbs this morning was 109. My goal is to get the weight off so that I will not have diabetes. When I get my weight down below 200, my blood sugar usually becomes normal again.

Aleka I am not actually doing Atkins. I just kind of use it when I need it to get rid of cravings for sweets. However, this is a sample of how I eat when I'm doing Induction.

Breakfast is 2 eggs and either 2 sl bacon or 1 Jimmy Dean lowfat sausage patty or 1/4 c Jimmy Dean lowfat sausage crumbles if I'm making omelet or scrambled eggs.

Lunch and Dinner usually consists of a serving of some sort of portein, a low carb veggie and a salad (for lunch)/(what I call a finger salad for dinner). A finger salad is usually radishes, celery, grape or cherry tomatoes and cucumbers, but I can't handle the cucumbers any more. You could use any type of veggie that can be put into a salad that can be eat as a finger food.

Snacks are usually something like a slice of meat wrapped with cheese or lettuce leaf.

I still use that as my base start of what I eat, but I've added my Double fiber with the eggs in the morning. I had baked beans yesterday instead of a salad for lunch since I'm going for fiber now.

I like the Atkins drinks although I couldn't find my favorite which is chocolate at me Walmart last night. I'm not a shake person for morning breakfast so I decided to use it as a substitute meal or snack in the evening. I will put it in my Magic Bullet with some berries and blend it and drink it.

The only thing I'm doing now that I don't think is Atkins is the bread. So I just consider myself doing low carb, not Atkins. Hope this helps.

Steelslady I hope you are feeling better soon. I love Paleo way of eating. In fact, I think it isn't much different than the new Atkins Induction. I know I'm not going to live the rest of my life without any bread of any sort if I don't have to. In fact, I heard a doctor I listened to on Youtube one time that said he honestly believed you could go on Paleo for 2 weeks and reverse diabetes.

You know Paleo just might start a healing for your daughter. I have a niece who works at a cancer center in TX. My sister told me today that they do not allow any sugar of any kind in the center. The do use sweeteners, but no sugar. I found that interesting because I just read on another thread on 3fc that cancer feeds on sugar. Just something I found interesting. I thought of your daughter among others I know going through that battle right now. I thought I would pass that along.

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