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Hi all! I usually lurk and read and rarely post. I have struggled the last calendar year with being about 8-10 pounds above my lowest P1 weight. While I was able to maintain that weight for quite awhile, I cannot deviate much at all from P1 or I would gain. I have been pretty faithful to exercising although some weeks are better than others...spring weather and longer days have been helping with getting more walking in outdoors which is my favorite physical activity. Today I actually went through my work clothes and finally decided that I was not going to worry about getting back down to where I could fit into my P1 clothes. I just can't sustain it and at almost 55 years of age, I am pretty darned happy with where I am right now. In the midst of all of this, I have been having some significant GI and other health issues which I have finally gotten some definitive answers on and just started some medication today so am hopeful that I am on the road to just plain feeling better each and every day. I am happy to be where I am right now...I truly think I got down to a weight that was not sustainable for me or else I am just not willing to be that restrictive in what I eat and drink. I started IP about this time 2 years ago wanting to lose 10 pounds and ended up losing about 25 and have settled about 8-10 pounds above my lowest P1 weight. So, all in all...I am satisfied with where I am at for my age, height and quality of life...almost 55, 5'10' and usually weigh between 150-155 pounds. Being sick on some level for the past 9 months has made me realize that life is complicated and feeling good and being healthy means a lot. I did learn a lot about what to eat or not during my journey on IP but I also know that life is about a lot more than what I eat or do not eat.
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