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I would just say if you can find something else to keep you full instead of a refined carb food like bread, you will do much better.

Lots of bread and other refined carbs foods just keep your appetite going. But if you can cut back on the bread and eat things like vegetables and legumes instead, it might make you feel full much sooner. I find these foods much more satisfying. They are still quite bulky but they contain your appetite for longer because they take longer to digest.

Have you tried out any my salads?

I have noticed a lot of people on this site reporting that when go extreme vegetables, they seem to find it hard to get a high calorie count going because they are so full already on vegies. But i would suggest including protein still at each meal as well.

I struggle to get enough protein because i'm mainly vegetarian but i make myself do it because i know it also helps make you feel full.

I still haven't got to the gary taubes book yet but on this site but if its a low carb site, i can understand that. I think he is a low carb person isn't he.
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