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Originally Posted by TheFinalFifteen View Post
That is awesome Paulitens!!!! I would love to be swimming in my clothes. I have started buying my clothes one size smaller -- which is not to say that I have gotten any smaller but I think I had a tendency to wear really baggy clothes and I think it makes me look bigger.

I saw some jeans on someone the other day and she had a nice figure but the bagginess of the jeans looked dumpy.. I thought to myself, am I shortchanging myself by covering up so much?

I also started wearing normal workout clothes to kickboxing rather than covering up with a baggy sweatshirt. I guess I am starting to get more comfortable in my own skin -- one of the few things I feel like I can control right now, my acceptance of myself.
Yeah, the clothes size is a fine line because while baggy clothes can make us look bigger, smaller sizes can also make us look big by showing bulges we didn't even know we had! I hate baggy clothes, but I spent too long wearing clothes that were not right for me (you know, typical scenario that you gained weight and you know it, but your brain still refuses to accept it and you continue dressing as if you were your old weight), not realizing how ridiculous I looked. For example: big no-no of big girls (especially top heavy like me), are tight low rise jeans, but I wore them because I thought they'd make me look my size. Really? Not so much, but I wore low rise jeans my whole life because I used to be at a healthy, lower weight and back then they did make me look my size. Now low rise tight jeans don't look pretty when you're 200+ lbs like I was. So I finally came to terms with that and bought higher-waisted, non stretchy jeans at the risk of looking like an old lady. Best. Purchase. Ever. And then I started dieting and I'm reversing the cycle: clothes that used to fit me well, like a glove, are way baggy and I think "it's ok, it's proof that I'm losing weight" but... really? Does it show that I'm losing weight or is it concealing the fact that I'm losing weight by making me look bigger? So... there, it's a fine line.

Here's the shirt I was talking about. I enjoyed the fact that it felt so loose and relaxed, but maybe aesthetically it wasn't doing me any favors. Also, those are some of the low-rise skinny jeans I was talking about; they still make a bit of a muffin top but it's not as terrible as it used to be, hahaha! Anyway... you couldn't tell because the shirt is so loose.

Originally Posted by RVAscreenwriter View Post
That's awesome that you are swimming in your old fave shirt, Pauli!
FinalFifteen - it's great that you're not wearing that baggy sweatshirt, anymore to class. I'm sure that it was just getting in your way, anyhow!

As for me, I weighed in two mornings after finishing the TOM, and umm... no budge. Scale fail. As I said before, I expect to have a couple of weeks of 174 before I see progress, considering that I just got back on the weight training horse. Still... I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. 174 it is, for now.
No budge? That blows. :/ I just started working out more often; I run on the treadmill a few times a week. We'll see if it speeds up the process a bit.
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