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I got this
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Thanks all for the reassurance on the quick drops. So far 155, although I saw 154.8 this am after twosies but I won't count that, LOL.

Maria- I totally hate that feeling of being sick due to not eating enough. Maybe something with blood sugar? I wonder. Hope you're feeling better now. LMAO @ your dad. I agree with you that the smaller you get, the harder it is to stay committed.

Dot- I am such a lightweight now, it's not even funny. I totally second Maria's suggestions on drinking a glass of water after each glass of whatever. For me, I did it so that way to give time for the alcohol to kick in because I totally hate it when it hits you then your head is spinning and etcetc. NOT A GOOD FEELING at all. Admittedly, I stopped doing that. I need to start that up again.

Themilesawaygirl- Yes, please stay. Don't go!!! I hear ya on how easy it is to slip back into bad habits. I think that's why I was stuck at 160 for a lonnnnnnng *** time. Just stick with it!!!! I can't wait to see 140, IF EVER.

Have a great day, lovelies!!!
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