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Riestrella - It would be no different than taking a break from "clean eating" or any dietary restriction. It's easy, but it is still a restriction, one that does require scheduling to an extent (will be much, much easier at the maintenance level as it's just one day instead of two). I definitely also eat healthy, homemade foods as often as possible within this diet, too, and I think that's more what I look forward to breaking from! Sometimes food planning is just so exhausting!!!

Have a great birthday! It sounds like you planned really well to be able to enjoy it without guilt

MrsDeenz - Congratulations! That is fantastic!


I somehow made it to the gym after a 12 hour work day. I got there and my Nook was dead, and realized I had no headphones. Still had an awesome workout! I think packing a gym bag and putting it in the car with me really helped. Gonna try to do that more often, and get to the gym straight after work instead of going home first.

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