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I'm still without my computer, typing this on a tablet. It's too much work counting calories without my Fitday, my tablet doesn't have it. Sooooooooo, I'm just eating light until I get my Fitday back.

Rosie...the recipe sounds good but I can't eat cream of mushroom soup. me really bad migraines. I can make cream of soups from scratch but so much work. I wish they made canned cream soups without that flavor enhancer.

We're tearing up the bathroom, the only room we were going to leave. The ceramic tile had an odor to it that no bleach could solve. It's the original tile and the family that owned it had boys. Use your imagination, little boys don't always aim right and I think the grout must be saturated with urine. DH took the sink/cabinet and toilet out two days ago. He then spent yesterday chipping out the ceramic tile and putting in a sub-floor. Today the new flooring will go in, and hopefully we'll get the toilet set up tomorrow. What a pain in the butt to run down to the basement to use the toilet. At least I'm getting some legs exercise on the stairs.

Guess what I did yesterday? Hung out laundry on the clothes lines, right next to a big snowbank. (It was in the high 60's)

I picked up some fresh strawberries yesterday, made a really good dessert with them. Since I can't eat chocolate, I use carob to make sugarfree chocolate pudding. The calories are really low because I make it with unsweentened almond milk. (30 calories per 8 oz) I cut up some strawberries, topped it with carob pudding and sugar-free/fat free cool whip.

Today I'm digging out the deck table/umbrella/chairs and
hanging out another load of laundry. Oh happy days, spring is here.
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