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Hi Aleka, good to see you again.

If you want some help with your program, you should feel free to share.

Did you see my post on the general chatter forum about reading books. It got a fairly good response with lots of people sharing. It seems the Taubes book is not highly regarded ultimately. I like getting a bit of a feel for a variety of books, it helps me see the flaws when someone uses them as a quote.

I don't know if i will get through all these books. I hate these dumbed down books. the Mercola book is particularly bad.

Re bread, i don't quit bread but i don't over eat it either. Well i do when i'm not on a diet but on a diet, i need to eat vegetables and that tends not to leave a lot of room for bread.

Glad you came back. If i suddenly disappear without telling why, you'll know its because i've fallen off the wagon and it may be a number of years before you see me again! So I hope not to fall off.
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