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My goals are pretty boring, but they're important to me. In order from most important to... least most important (?):

1) Be healthy. I don't want to get diabetes or any other disease related to my weight, and I don't want to lose my uterus.
2) Live a long life!
3) Get pregnant and have a healthy baby.
4) Avoid getting gestational diabetes while pregnant.

My husband and I spent 3 years trying to conceive. This past October, I had to have a hysteroscopy and after looking at the pathology results, my doctor said she'd advise a hysterectomy if I was 10 years older. I also found out that I have hormonal problems and my insulin levels are messed up. She said losing weight is the best thing I could do to hold onto my uterus (for some reason I really don't want it gone, even if it's not doing anything), not get diabetes, fix the hormonal issues, and have a baby. So, here we are! I'm down 32 pounds so far. I'm hoping to be down to 175 by the middle of June, which is when my doctor is going to start me on fertility treatments. She's very pleased with my weight loss so far and said that if I keep everything up, she thinks I could live to be an old lady.

It might seem odd that I put having a baby as #3 on my list. I'm desperate to have a baby and love kids, but would choose living a long, healthy life free of diabetes over having a baby and dying early from health issues. If/when I do get pregnant, having a healthy baby will instantly become my #1 goal, though!

1 bunny for every 5 pounds lost!

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