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S/C/G: 80.2kg/66kg/60kg x2.2 for lb

Height: 165cm/5' 4.5"


I'm afraid my pessimistic theory is that if they are not checking in they have fallen off the wagon.

Of course i know its not necessarily the case. Sometimes life gets in the way.

So steel, it sounds tough with your daughter but i can't remember what he medical condition actually is. I read so many things on these forums, i tend to forget nearly all of it. Can you remind us when you talk about her. Just a clue so we know what you are referring to.

You should see the big thumping salad i am just finishing up. Or should have seen rather. Its fantastic. Full of fibre and protein and flavour. I've detailed it in my last post linked in sig line. For when you lack ideas.

I know what you mean about cooking. I don't like to spend much time cooking either. I am even tired of cooking fried egg for breakfast. Didn't take long. But i will make myself do it from time to time more often than in the past.

I rather enjoyed my food yesterday. Going to town gives me an opportunity to eat something off my usual route. I did a little bit of shopping. On special at woolworths i bought 300g of smoked salmon for a very good price. I love smoked salmon and its good for omega 3 fatty acids. Its nice chopped into a salad, or mixed in with other veggie dishes or in pasta as well as in a sandwich but i tend to think its too good to hide in a sandwich.

I haven't got sewing yet today. I"m procrastinating.

We;ve got a cyclone on the way. Should hit the coast north of here tomorrow. I haven't done any preparation but we are expecting lots of rain. I hope it doesn't come directly to us but i am not expecting it at this point. cyclone Ita in case anyone wants to check it out online.
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