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Hi ladies! Miss talking to you both!

Went to the walk in the other day, and luckily, no bronchitis, but my bronchial tubes were tight, so on the Prednisone I went for six days. I feel a little bit better- looks like the allergies are starting early this year. *sigh*

I am at a stall (plateau) right now, so I've decided to cut out grains for a little bit, while my youngest daughter does Paleo. I've been losing and gaining the same four pounds for three weeks now, something needs to change to get the furnace going again. I'm still eating high fiber, though- that will never change. She wants to lose weight for her prom, so I am trying to help her and support her- lots of blasted cooking on that diet, though- ugh! That's another reason why I can't stand low carb, besides medically (for me) along with the boredom, is all the dar gone cooking involved for every meal! Oh, well, she's worth it. Then I'll have to cook non-iodine foods for her 10 days before her radiation treatment in July- I teased her the other day, saying she's lucky she has a master chef for a mother, or she'd starve if her father had to cook for her. Poor baby- sad thing is, she is so EASY to please, never complains about anything that I cook for her- breaks my heart that she has so many medical issues going on. She works out an average of 2-3 hours a day- her coaches cannot believe how her body holds onto weight so easily- it's the grains, we both know this, but I just have a hard time "making" her eat grain free all the time, with everything else going on around her. Luckily, she came to the conclusion herself that she has to do this- better that way, than me trying to force it on her, know what I mean? I always cook her gluten free stuff at home, but when she was out with friends, well.............along came some pizza.

I hope to exercise tonight after I make her and I some breakfast and lunch stuff for tomorrow. I've been napping a couple of afternoons this week, then the prednisone makes my hyper, so I'm not sleeping as well or as long at night. I miss exercising, but just took it easy for a few days to recover.

Aleka, where are you?? I hope she's ok. Sluggo, TamTam? Where did the others go? Did we scare them all away? Liliann, please check in with us- we miss you, even if you're not doing high fiber, would love to hear from you!

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