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Hey everybody! Lots of loss here!
Maintenance is going well, although like I said it's not that different than losing. I have been increasing calories to around 1800-1900. Well I thought. I was but I just looked at MFP to see what the actual numbers are and I noticed the last three Fridays I was only 1200 or so. But that's because of Lent. Then yesterday I was 1450. I know it seems weird that it is hard to get the calories in but it is, unless I want to have a snickers or something. I am being pretty cautious though for fear of gaining. My weight has fluctuated from 144-148 since I reached goal. This summer I will be away from home about five weeks so I know that will be a challenge. Going to a wedding in NY and then my DD got an internship in California so going to visit her for about a month. We subleased an apt (well it was from which we have used many times) so since she has the whole apt and I'm off school I'm going to visit!

Keep plugging away everyone, it will be worth it no matter how long it takes. I feel so much better and it is actually fun to go into my closet now, although I do need more clothes that fit! But that will have to happen over time.

Also, let me get my plug in for walking. It makes such a difference if you can get some walking in! You don't even have to sweat, just walk a few miles a day and it will help. I'm doing three a day still with my Sansone DVDs plus I'm planking!

Hit goal on 2/21/2014.
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