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Thanks Riestrella - and thanks to all the well wishes by the way!!

So much for my wisdom teeth removal...I got there, filled a few things out, waited for about 10min and then finally sat down. I was so nervous...the lady brought in the xray (I had one done at my old dentist's office about 6 month ago and my new doc literally just called them and requested the picture) - I got 3 wisdom teeth actually, one of which broke through just fine. The other 2 are still sitting in my jaw and they're growing in crooked.
So then the dentist came in and told me that we needed to take a special 3D xray to determine where exactly the nerves are located since he didn't wanna do any damage. He then goes on to tell me that the CT-machine-thingy is being rebooted so it might just take a few minutes. I was like ok, whatever, fine with me. After 5min he comes back in and tells me that it's actually gonna take much longer and that we have to reschedule the appointment. GAHHHH, REALLY?? I went through all of this for nothing? I literally ate 3 croissants and a cake this morning bc I was so nervous, and I did all of that for nothing. All the preparation, the shopping, cleaning, everything. But most of all me being nervous. I was so mad.

So anyways, my new appointment is on the 23rd. I had a shitty day since I was uber-annoyed (PMS going strong this month!) but - DH and I hit the gym and I ran a little over 3miles and did my legs and chest. I feel pretty great now and I am very determined to work out and eat healthily these next 2 weeks until the actual appointment.
I am scared to weigh-in and measure this Sunday, but I have to. Yes, I ate a loooot of junk and I barely worked out but hey, I can and will get back on track right now.

Riestrella - Holy gazoly what the heezy - that pie looks ABSOLUTELY delicioso! Girl, you better enjoy every bite of it! You beat your laziness - that's awesome! Really, it's the hardest thing to overcome laziness, so kudos!

kailpea - Oh no, I swear that has happened so many times that I always copy my stuff after each paragraph Hope all is well with you!

themilesawaygirl - Yaaaaay on the clothes! It's always a good sign when the clothes start to get loose, it means you're doing it right girl I actually had to buy new clothes when I went from 164lbs to 123lbs in 2011. It was an amazing feeling! Now some of those jeans obviously don't fit me anymore which, I gotta say, is kinda depressing. As far as the food shopping goes - I don't plan it, at all. DH and I have our staple items that we get, throw in lots of veggies and fruit and that's pretty much it. We buy what's in season or on sale and then cook what we're in the mood for. By the way, I never realized that you're from the UK, so we're kinda almost in the same time zone, not that it matters, but I just thought about that

Dottington - Pictures, pictures, pictures, I wanna see them!! I can't believe you got those dresses for only $9.99! How was your performance? Did you have fun?

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