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Absolutely agree with everything Locke said. I, too, had to change my entire philosophy on myself and my life in order for it all to work. And that started with loving and accepting myself no matter what. Even obese, failures, stress, whatever, I still had to WANT to be me.

In terms of the bingeing, I had to treat my bingeing habits like an addiction. What foods do you binge on? If it is something specific, just don't bring it home. AT ALL. NO EXPOSURE!

For me, sugar binging is a total chemical craving not related to stress or anxiety. I'm still not entirely sure what pulls me out of it. I hate to say this but I think it's pure willpower in my case.

Do you think you binge out of boredom? If so, try to remember that "boredom is a perception and nothing more. Boredom is really just the inability to or discomfort with being yourself and your thoughts. Inability to just BE. Yet when time feels endless, boredom results from the fear of having too much of it."

I read that in a book and it struck a chord with me.

Also don't compare yourself or your life to any one else's. We are in this thing called Life to learn different things and its different for everyone. People who look like they have it all together, they're struggling with learning things too. Each is on their own journey.
And I don't believe you have to limit your calories to 1200. 1500-1600 should be sufficient to put you in a deficit depending on what excercises you do, you'll just have to be patient before seeing the scale drop.
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