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GGBSY, You are so close to the answer to your binge dilemma. You know exactly when it will occur and you plan for it by having binge worthy foods in the house.
I was like you too. I NEEDED to binge on foods at night until my tummy hurt. I ate until I was stuffed and in pain and then I would go to bed.
I broke this unhealthy behavior by admitting to myself that I am an addict. My drug of choice is food. I fed the addiction by starting with high quality whole wheat grains but I descended into straight sugar/chocolate and booze.
I have eliminated all sugar and all carbs from my life. I also avoid trigger foods like hummus, beans, bananas and all pasta, potatoes and wheat based foods.
I am an addict. I can not control myself. I must now avoid the wrong foods or else my health, my mental well being and my relationships suffer.
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