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I have battled overeating for years. Up a few pounds, down a few, and every time the loss was less than the gain, so I ended up where I am. I have diabetes and my blood sugars have been out of control for a while. I recently decided that I don't want to lose my eyesight or any limbs, so I'd better do something.

Although I have tried every diet plan known to man, I finally quit dieting. I changed my eating habits permanently. I made 2 major changes. 1) I cut way back on carbs to lower my BS and 2) I researched nutrition. Before I eat anything I consider the nutritional value of that food. Cookies, cake, candy, chips, pretzels, have no nutritional value, and for some reason unknown to me, I now have no interest in eating them. I might eat too much at dinner, but if I do, it's nutritional food, not empty calories. This is a major change for me, as I have been a binger for many years. The weight is coming off, slowly, but surely, and my blood sugar average has dropped about 70 points.

I think for me it took something major threatening my life to make me change. I will always be a carb binger. I will never be able to go back to the way I ate before, for health reasons. I doubt if I could ever eat a slice of pizza without wanting to finish the whole thing. It's similar to alcoholism. Most of you girls sound young. I hope that you are all able to get a handle on this issue. Don't wait until you're an old lady!! LOL
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