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Glad to hear your baby's fine, EllaDorine! My 3-month-old just got over a nasty cough/cold. Nothing worse than hearing your baby wheezing all night long.

So I just finished w5d3. Sort of. The plan calls for either a 20-minute run or a 2-mile run. I was going for 2 miles, since I'm going for distance, and I was doing it on the treadmill, since the gym has childcare. At first it was really hard, but doable, you know? Like hard enough that I Wanted to stop, but not so hard that I couldn't push through it. But finally I started getting into a rhythm and feeling good, when suddenly my baby demands milk. Crap. ~1.5 miles in and I had to stop! Gah. So I went and fed the baby (who was appropriately adorable and smiley afterwards), then hopped back on the treadmill and did another mile.

Soooo. I dunno. I wound up running a total of almost 2.5 miles in around 30 minutes total, but there was a five-minute seated break in the middle. I think I'm going to count it as 'complete' and move on, since I know I could've finished the full run without the break and I did actually run a bit more than was called for. What do you guys think?

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