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Going thru withdrawal tonight. I have eaten but not hi glycemic stuff. Did get one too many carbs at dinner but otherwise op though still not healthiest.

Mocha frappe made with almond milk and added fiber -no PB - protein and carb
2 sl bacon ( FYI my bacon is almost always uncured)

Beef & bean chimi - protein & carb
Salad - free
Mayo - 1 T- fat

Meatloaf 1serv - protein
Hash browns abt 1/4 cup
Garlic bok Choy -at least a cup - free
Mocha frappe with almond milk - carb (whoops) & fat

Bacon 2sl protein
3/4 oz pepper cheese - fat (0r vice versa lol)
Celery - free but calling my carb

Calories and carbs great but only 13 gm fiber

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