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cute kid rosey. Is that your son or son-in-law? We had turkey breast on sale for 99 cents a pound, 1st time I purchased the breast alone. They are really yummy, will buy again next time they are on sale. What's turkey crunch casserole.
Cajun...I do have a fast metabolism, losing weight is really easy for me. I just can't keep it off because I developed a sweet tooth after I stopped drinking red wine.
I have my desk computer over to a guy that's taking out all the crap that's on it, it needs a good cleaning. He's also putting on a new free security/anti-virus that works great.
I'm typing this on my Chrome Book, awkward.
Thanks, my yorkie is cute. he's also an aggressive little guy toward our big male English Setter. Charlie loves everyone, he doesn't get mad at Levi when he won't leave him alone.
I was going to post my menu but I'm too tired.
Nighty night

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