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Howdy folks! It's really starting to be gorgeous here: daffodils, forsythia, redbuds, magnolias, dogwoods, the famous DC cherry trees...I could go on and on. The colors of spring where I live are mostly yellow and pink and white, and of course that heartbreaking soft green of the tiny new leaves on all the deciduous trees...

But have I gone for a walk lately? No, no, no. I've been cooped up inside, working like a fiend all weekend and Monday, too, on my biggest collage ever: 11" x 16", both sides. Zillions of gnarly little bits to cut out, layers and layers of background and foreground, and even an elaborate border design. All, I repeat, on both sides.

'Sounds weird, I know...why would anyone make art on both sides of a piece of paper? Because it was for a fold-n-mail project, where you fold your art into thirds, so that the inside becomes the "message" part and the outside becomes the decorated envelope part. You tape it together, arrange a little collage of vintage stamps for the postage, and in the only spot you left bare, write the recipient's address. I took it to the post office today to get the stamps hand-cancelled: it's on its way to Maine.

I'm not complaining about all those hours and hours of work, though. Not in the least: I loved every minute of it! I'm so happy to have enough energy to do this kind of stuff. I used to be depressed about three days out of four—not big-time painful depression, usually, but draggy and low, especially in the afternoons. But not now! I don't know quite why I've entered into this phase of being a driven artist, but I'm betting that being mostly off carbs, especially 100% free of sugar, has a lot to do with it. I seem to have a brain that functions best on a diet of protein and fat, especially butterfat. The only downside is that it's taken me nearly 60 years to figure that out. Better late than never, I guess.

And of course the other part is finally figuring out what brings me the most joy. I've had a lot of different jobs—everything from legal consultant to brain researcher to sailing instructor to book reviewer—but none of them compare to the nonstop pleasure of being an artist.

Am I losing weight? I have no idea. I've stopped over-indulging on the muesli, and in fact am limiting myself to a quarter cup a day. I apparently need just a little bit of carbs to keep from getting jittery & generally off-kilter, but I refuse to eat any more than absolutely necessary. Only time will tell whether this diet that fuels my brain so well will start melting off the pounds again.

I'm doing my leg exercises every night, and I can really tell because running up and down the stairs is very easy. But I need to pry my hands off the scissors, paper & glue long enough to start walking on a regular basis.

Sorry if I sound a little scattered...I'm doin' so much art, I'm gettin' out of practice at writing. It's great to see the new folks here! Keep posting, y'all, and you'll find this is a very supportive group.

MonteCristo— I've got a similar story: I lost 100 pounds back in 2007-09, then a long & arduous family crisis hit, and I gained it all back plus 20 pounds more. I'm slowly working my way back down, and I'm determined: this time I make it all the way to goal weight. We did it once, we can do it again, right? Right!

We don't seem to have heard from Holly in a while...I hope she soon will escape from that dastardly boss, and be into the pleasurable phase of the year. Maybe she's not posting because she's in transition?

Anyway, I'm wishing everyone well! =big grin=

Current mini-goal: Get BACK down to 260
Pounds to go: 7

Mini-goal 1: 30 days binge-free —> done 12/21/13 & binge-free now
Mini-goal 2: Get down to 280 —> done 5/22/14
Mini-goal 3: Get down to 260 —> done 1/1/16

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