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Default What goals are you striving for?

Hi all,
I was wondering what some of your weight loss goals were; not in number of pounds, but in things you want to do/be when you are at a healthier weight, whatever that may be for you. I find it is very important to have goals, and to try to keep sight of them when I'm tempted to eat something unhealthy.

Here are some of mine:

I want to lose enough clothes sizes to get out of the "plus size" category.
Related, I want to buy and wear pretty clothes that are my size (not a size bigger, as I've done almost all my life). I don't want to have to settle for what I think of as "fat people clothes".
I want to wear shorts without feeling ashamed of myself.
I want to have a stomach that doesn't hang down.
I want to wear pretty lingerie.
I want to eat/exercise in a way that teaches my son healthy habits so that he doesn't go through what I did, and so that I can be with him and hubby as long as possible.
I want to get comfy with not being "the fat chick". I've spent most of my life hiding behind my size and being invisible to a lot of people. I think the people on this board will understand what I mean. I have to be OK with being "seen", if I'm going to make my changes stick.

Hopefully this is helpful to others as well!
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