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Hi everyone.. another beautiful spring day.. I had coffee outside and its all melty. still have lots of snow banks tho. steve's working on shelves in his bedroom and I was in 'MY' room cutting out some new tops.. so he says are we going to eat anything today meaning im hungry stop what you are doing and feed me.. honestly why cant men make a sandwhich or something so I came out and he was eating ice cream right out of the pail I fixed him a sandwhich and macaroini salad..didn't want to stop my project but remember he just did a nice thing for me so I served with a smile. and went back to my project.. then he comes back there and says when are you going to sew me a quilt. so I just got done ordering the fabric for his quilt.. any excuse for me to shop on line for fabric I have a turkey breast baking as his royal highness requested turkey crunch casserole for dinner.. I aim to please.
Bobbie I concur with the others that you are very dedicated when u make up your mind.. good job on the loss.Im doing ok,maintaining.K3 hope your knees aren't bothering you to bad. K31,thinking about you all the time and know we are all praying for you and Tim. Glynne thankyou for all the personals. im sorry but my senior brain gets everyone fuddled and don't mean to exclude any one.
My granddaughter Amanda has been accepted into the Alaskas Lady Hoops basketball traveling team. she going to Arizona for a week to a proud gramma. shes growing up. I have amazing grkids ,I know im prejudiced ttfn rosey

I am enough!

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