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MrsDeenz: Wow 10 weddings! Hopefully you can wear whatever beautiful dress you buy to at least another wedding. I do not enjoy dress shopping. lol

NoName: What do you usually eat on a "fast" day. I know you can have up to 500 calories, but I was wondering what your go-to's are.

MauKai: 10 pounds is AMAZING!! Congrats!

Angelicus: I usually try to eat something immediately before I go out with friends. Even if it's stopping to grab a few individual string cheese sticks from whatever store is closest. Makes me less anxious about ordering healthy off the menu.

I had a slip up last night. My SO bought me a box of gourmet hand-rolled chocolates. He's never done that sort of thing, and he said he was trying to put more effort into the "romance" part of the relationship. ( we've been together for 3 years). It was such a lovely gesture; I felt like I had to have a few. I should have had just one, but I had one of each kind, (I'm taste curious). Even worse, I had to lock the box in the small safe in our apartment, so I wouldn't be tempted!
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