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Hey everyone!!

Sad to see shr1nk1ng has gone, but glad to see a couple familiar faces are still here with me!!

I was absolutely swamped with work last week and had no time to do anything other than sleep if I wasn't working, which was so frustrating as I couldn't concentrate half the time and I could have gotten more done if I'd let myself have a half an hour workout and then gone back to the work, but at the time I didn't see it like that. Lesson learned!!

However, I still did lose a pound which is good when I'm pretty close and barely did any exercise. Glad I owned my weekend workout before the work came flooding in!!

Yoyoma, green curry sauce with salmon sounds divine!! Mmmm, you have the best food in your house! Glad that pea soup's revenge didn't last too long!
Eating clean and training dirty!

11/15/13 - started phen caps
12/20/13 - down 10lbs
1/31/14 - down 20lbs
4/24/14 - down 30lbs
7/3/14 - made original goal of 135
9/19/14 - reached adjusted goal and began maintenance!!!

I MADE IT!!!! :

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