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I think an important part of changing our eating habits is learning to recognize real honest-to-goodness HUNGER.

Sometimes we think we're hungry because our blood sugar is crashing. You probably aren't actually hungry...your body is just sending out a red alert that something is wrong. To bring this under control you have to get off the blood sugar roller coaster - your blood sugar elevates, your body overproduces insulin in response, the excess insulin causes your blood sugar to crash, you eat something that quickly raises your blood sugar, your body overproduces insulin in response, etc. etc. Stabilizing your blood sugar stops the body from sending out those red alerts.

Other times we think we're hungry because we've got the grumble-bellies. This can happen for multiple reasons, none of which really mean we're hungry. Your stomach may, in fact, be empty but you probably still have enough fuel in your system.

Or we could just want food because it's meal time, or because something sounds tasty, or because we're bored or stressed or whatever.

Now, real hunger? It's a very distinct feeling of being empty.....empty like a car running out of gas....empty to your very core. You just do NOT enough fuel and you need food. And, in my experience, when you're really in tune with your body and really on track with healthy eating, getting to this point doesn't send you on wild binge of overeating or making a trip to the donut shop. You just fill up your tank with a light healthy meal and continue on with your day.


Oh, and I totally agree with the posters that encourage eating protein for breakfast. If I don't eat a protein-rich meal within an hour of waking I'm a wreck for the whole entire day.
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