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Originally Posted by time2lose View Post
It is great that you are identifying your patterns of when you are hungry correlating with the particular foods you are eating. Keep doing this as we are all different.

A question, are you sure that it is hunger, not appetite? Is your body needing food or do you just want to eat? This is a big issue for me. I have to be sure that I realize the difference.

I have found that eating a low carb diet greatly reduces my hunger. Just wanting to eat is another matter and sometimes I just have to realize that I want to eat and it has nothing to do with hunger. As other posters have said, the carbs that you are eating may be increasing your hunger. Keeping a food log that notes when you are hungry can help you figure out what foods reduce hunger and which do not.

Keep working at this and you will figure out what is best for you!
I agree with everything time2lose said!

What does the hunger feel like? You're going to be hungry sometimes if you maintain a deficit for a long time, because no matter how you put it losing weight is a process of starving your body and making it burn its own fat - that said, high protein/fiber/fat can make that hunger feel like less of a gnawing sensation.

Every body works differently of course so your mileage may vary, but if I eat cereal or pasta or something, I get a crash a few hours after eating and feel like I'm literally going to die if I don't eat carbs again RIGHT NOW, a 10/10 desperation for more kind of feeling that causes great anxiety to sit with and ride out. If I'm hungry but not also experiencing a crash, I will crave meat and "real food" and the sensation is only 4/10 and I can ignore it for a while.
Push on some more!
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