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So I haven't had a great few days eating wise. I made a load of bread so much bread and butter and then I've been out a lot so just eating way more. Even though I showed a loss this week I've been bouncing up and down over the same 4lbs so I think I'm just gaining and loosing water weight. I think I might try and be stricter this week and work out all my calories to see if there are some obvious things I can cut out. And drink more water.

Also does anyone have any tips about eating out. I don't have loads of money so whenever I'm paying for food or drink I basically chose what I want as I tell myself that there is no point spending all that money on something when I'd rather have something else. However, because I'm on holiday from uni I'm meeting up with people more and it tends to be for food centred activities. So I should maybe rethink that view...

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