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Hello everyone! It is a beautiful sun shiny day out. Dh is working on his garden and the yard. He just went out to get some things he needed. I hope to get more done today. I've been thinking of planning a trip but can't's so pretty here right now. Wish we'd done it during the winter now but our winter wasn't that bad either. Off and on we had really cold weather but overall it was not bad to me.

Cajun - we are going out for brunch with our dd and her family the day before Easter. Not sure what we will do for Easter on our own ...maybe pick up some Honey Baked Ham and make a simple meal.

Bobbi - when you decide to eat amaze me! You have such discipline. Being consistent OP is what is hard for me. I can do it a few days, then I start overeating again. I agree with are dong the right thing to jump on it quick before it becomes more pounds to get off. I let mine go way too long. These days though, even I'm not consistent, that is one thing I do...when I see the pounds creeping back up, I quickly adjust my eating to not gain more at least and usually drop back down at least for a little while. Just wish I were more consistent so I could really lose.

Wannabee - We had a small but traditional wedding. I didn't know any different so did what everyone I knew did. I didn't really have any dreams of my perfect wedding. If I ever marry again (I don't plan to!), I'd I'd do it more like our friends did. Not that I remember our wedding being that parents and ladies in the church took care of most of it. All I had to do was pick out my dress and choose my bridesmaid, flower girl and ringbearer and show up. That was easy. The dress was the hardest. I was so skinny there was only one dress in town that even sorta fit me...and it had to be altered all over...I was probably about a size 4 but usually had to buy a 5 as it was not easy to find those tiny sizes where I lived in the mid-west at the time. I'm not sure what size the dress started out but they made it fit me. Wish I hadn't allowed myself to gain so much weight now, but then I felt so ugly being skinny yet I was very healthy and blessed with a fast metabolism. It's all a matter of perspective. Remember in my teen years, the beauty image we all wanted was like Marilyn Monroe and others like her. Now they probably wouldn't even be considered healthy.

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