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S/C/G: 80.2kg/66kg/60kg x2.2 for lb

Height: 165cm/5' 4.5"


pOLaner! My typing is hopeless. What the bleep is pOlaner? Oh i just discovered my typing is fine. Its my computer that's correcting my typing to planer.

I didn't eat very well yesterday. I didn't break my diet but i just didn't eat a proper dinner. And now i'm up before 3am, though i'm not sure the two are connected.

That Atkins thing sounds like ****.

I've got to make an admission. This nice quiet little thread is a blessing. A little oasis of calm in the raging storm of debate i'm involved in going on the rest of the site. Its wearing me out all that disagreement. I swear i think i am a receptacle of common sense and fairly sound knowledge but a lot of people here refuse to give me any credit. But what can i say. I'm just a bit of a know it all. Though i am not sure its that. I think they just don't like my views.

So with all that, its so nice to come here where we all just get on with our own basic thing because we only have a simple common principle that we all agree on.

I hope they don't all come here to start another to and fro about what i've just said and so on.

And anyway where is that LILIAN who started this little story. She's abandoned us.

And i've got this little red spot on my shoulder that was initially only a mosquito bite i think but for days and days its been this terrible erratic itch. I think i've got a worm in there. Or something odd at least. Its not even red or irritated looking but i can't go and see the doctor about it. They will think i'm a hypochondriac.

So whinge over now. I"I'm boiling two eggs. One is to eat now and the other, some other time i guess.

I swear i didn't swear up above but i can't remember what i actually did say. Bit shocked to see the swearing symbols. How stupid.

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