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Originally Posted by Wannabeskinny View Post
Welcome back Pinkhippie and please do stick around to share your experiences with us. I'm so glad that IE has worked out for you long term, 20lbs is an amazing byproduct and I hope that if I lose 20lbs within a year it's because I've kept it off, not because I've gritted through it. There is such a big difference between working hard to lose 20lbs and losing 20lbs without working hard.

My goal for every day is to end the day satisfied with what I ate. I've noticed that when I am not satisfied that the next day becomes more difficult. I'm not seeing any weightloss right now but I haven't gained any over the past couple of weeks since I last weighed. The progress I am making has more to do with state of mind and amount of anxiety which has lessened.

I do have a stressful situation coming up though, Easter with my friends and family. It just so happens that both my best friends have recently lost a bunch of weight and they will both be there, along with another family member of mine who has also lost weight too. We were all about the same size or so and now I fear I'll be the biggest one. Everytime I think about Easter I think about dieting. I won't, but it pops into my mind.
Thank you! I hope to stick around more and have more to share as well.

I know exactly what you are talking about with gritting through it. Every time I diet and count calories I feel like I am barely hanging on and I go in the bathroom to look in the mirror at least once a day to see if I look thinner. It is not maintainable for me. This time has been, I wouldn't say easy but its been doable. The not easy part has been more just being aware when I eat if I am really hungry, learning new habits like not going to town on ice cream after I get the kids in bed, etc... but I feel like I am just living and just eating so its not been hard at all in that sense. I have also been doing a lot of emotional work as well and that has been difficult but rewarding.

I know what you mean about social events. Those always make me want to diet down to something quickly. But, I know that it will for sure trigger crazy bingeing for me, and I will actually gain weight so it won't be worth it in the end. If you are feeling anxious about it, maybe go buy a new outfit that you feel really good in? Do something awesome with your hair? those are things I do (if I can afford it) if I am anxious before a big social event.

I really like the idea of stopping halfway through the meal and coming back a few minutes later. I actually did that for lunch just now and was surprised to realize I wasn't hungry anymore. I have lots of opportunities to jump up and do stuff during mealtime since I have 3 kids who have constant needs the moment I sit down to eat myself, so that has been pretty easy.

I had another slice of birthday cake last night and it was good. I had the crazy thought in my head that I would let myself eat the whole rest of the cake if I wanted to, but I realized that after most of my slice, I really was satisfied (and feeling buzzy) so I stopped. And I didn't feel all gross and stuffed and like I needed to eat vegetables or fruit to make up for it, therefore stuffing myself more, OR feeling guilty and deciding just to eat everything in the house until I can't move. I ate my slice, recognized that it was good but didn't make me feel the greatest, and left it at that. I didn't eat again until breakfast this morning and it was fine. I really have come far.

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