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Originally Posted by Wannabeskinny View Post
Well technically no food is bad, but cereal is just about the worst kind of breakfast I could give my own body. I'm not anti-food but usually when someone says "I had cereal for breakfast and then I was starving an hour later" it's because cereal was a BAD choice in terms of keeping them satisfied until lunchtime.

Wow, corn flakes with sugar? The recommended breakfast of 1982!
Yep about 1/4 tsp. and look how much weight i've lost since the beginning of January.

this is the first time i've eaten cornflakes on a diet. I just didn't want to eat rolled oats any more!. In my lifetime i've eaten a whole farm of oats and its become boring. Ok!

The cereal the OP is talking about is loaded up with sugar already. Cornflakes while less than perfect is not the same type of food.

Secondly, cereals like cornflakes have added vitamins so on the whole i can't agree that they are bad foods. Just maybe not perfect foods. But i would dis-recommend eating anything like fruit loops or cocopops which has piles of refined sugar.
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