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W9d1... I did it!!

Not the 30 min, I did that. But.... (Drum roll please) I ran 5k!! 3.14 miles actually. I hit 30 min, felt great and knew I had less than I mile to go so just kept going. Finished feeling wonderful. My cardio isn't being stressed at all anymore, breathing has gotten easy. Towards the end of 3 miles I can feel my muscles getting tired, but not in an exhausted kind of way. Just well worked. Still dealing with the darn tendons injured when I broke my ankle but I think they're getting better, certainly not worse. So, overall reaching 5k was a very good thing. My son didn't want to run past 30 mins. He's sticking to the plan and persevering, but I don't think he's falling in love with running. Makes me sad, I don't want to loose my running buddy.

Aw Shucks, of course we missed you. I don't like running without music either. So glad a week off didn't negatively impact your running. I think I'm going to take a few days off after finishing this week to rest my body. I've read that you should give yourself an easy week every 3-4 weeks once you start seriously running. I'm not putting in enough miles (like, laughably not) to be a serious runner but I'm also a heavier runner. So, I think after 9 weeks straight of really busting my behind a few days off in a row will be a good thing.

I'm pondering the 'what next' question too. I'm not worried about speed. My slow 12:30-40 min mile is just fine with me. It'll naturally get fast as I get stronger and leaner. I love distance. That's my favorite challenge and what keeps me running. I want to go, and go, and go!!! I love hitting a new longer distance. That said, I think those who like to go faster are experiencing the same thing just different goal. It's the challenge if improving that makes running so addicting!

Congrats to everyone who is finishing their runs. Good for you! To those just starting, do it. This program is wonderful and so is running.
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