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W3D1 in the bank. I was expecting it to be hard, and it was. I was dying a little at the end and now my legs feel like concrete, but I did it! I promised myself that if it was too painful I would slow it down, but I ended up keeping my pace for all of the running sequences.

I am more intimidated than ever by next week's 5 min running sets, but... next week is a long way away. I need to get through the rest of Week 3 before I start worrying about Week 4. And Week 5. And... *sigh*

Mortifying confession:

At one point today, the only other person in the workout room left, and I had it all to myself. I was listening to Britney's "Work B**ch!" on my iPod and started "answering" her. Like this:

Britney: You want a hot body?
Me: YES!
Britney: You want a Maserati?
Me: YES!
Britney: Look hot in a bikini?
Me: YES!
Britney: You better work bi**ch!

Only after this did I realize that no, I was not alone in the workout room. The other person in there quietly endured my shouting match with Britney on the treadmill.

Have a happy day everyone!
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