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Originally Posted by samcrokitty View Post
I don't really stay hungry.....I just crash a few hours after breakfast and it's driving me crazy! I like the posts here about having protein in the morning. Maybe protein will help the same with energy?
Hi, As to whether protein will help with energy, I found I needed some carbs, too. I have tinkered to find the right type and amount. For instance, cereals, even with protein alongside give me that wired up feeling followed by a crash. Lately I've been trying a half navel orange and it feels just right. This week, I'm adding more food overall with the goal of getting through a busy work day without worrying if lunch is a little late. It feels fine so far & sustains me very well from 5a until 11a.

protein shake 94 cal, 2 net carb 2 fat 18 protein (in strong coffee)
tofu wrap with salad veggies. olive oil ~210 cal ~5 net carbs 4 fat 21 protein
1/2 navel orange (3oz) 39 cal 8 net carb 1 protein

grand total cal 334; net carbs 15; fat 6; protein 40 (numbers approximate)

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