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Awshucks did you know that they have a 5k to 10k program to continue with? its call B210K

Originally Posted by AwShucks View Post
I'm baaa-aaak! Did you guys miss me? Apparently not, because there were 4 pages of new posts to catch up on! Yay everyone!

So.... I didn't run while I was on vacation. I know... I said I would, just wasn't possible. But, tonight, my first day back, I moved on with W9D1 and prayed that I hadn't lost my mojo over 7 days away! And, guess what? I hadn't!

Tafadhali I, too, ran without my iPod (don't know where I packed it) and just timed it. Yes, I can run without music and encouragement, but it's so much nicer to have the voice tell me that I "can do it!"

So, I'm in the predicament of finishing up this week, too. My plan is to increase my speed by running 30 minutes 3x/week and try to increase the distance. I'm thinking it should work like the previous program if I increase things gradually. If anyone knows of any experts we can consult, please invite them into the forum. We'll all need this help eventually. We're just a bunch of crazy running chicks!

Oh, and I second the advice to run SLOWLY -- I took that very literally (feeling a bit silly) and avoided any injury so far, and I'm heavier than a lot of you. Yes, I'm slow -- but, by golly, I'm running! That's what counts!
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