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Still doing the same dance over here. Up 3lb this morning in water weight.
Every weekend we have a movie night with the kids. I have salted popcorn like crazy. I'm under my sodium goals all week so it throws me off. I have no plans on giving up the popcorn because I look forward to it all freaking week! So, in short, I love the popcorn, hate the gain. Should be off again by thursday.

1100 cals & some change for yesterday.

Seemyfeet - I wouldn't say we're that far off on weight, really! If I'm lucky I'm getting 1lb a week. IF. Weight loss as slowed dramatically due to temps over 100f and feeling sluggish. I don't want to get sweatier :\
abbyin - You're doing great! Hope that last lb disappears quickly.
rlb1987 - Hi and welcome

Restarted weight loss journey after reaching my highest weight ever - Nov 12 2013

- 10lbs - Dec 6 2013
-20lbs - Jan 15 2014
- 30lbs & Onederland- March 10 2014
- Overweight BMI- March 11 2014
short term goal - weigh 175lbs by June 2015
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