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Cereal doesn't cut it for breakfast. Protein & Fibre is where it's at. People have this problem with eating non-traditional breakfast food at breakfast but it's worth it to give you the energy & fullness you need to get you through the morning.

Personally, I eat breakfast once I get to work - not sure if this is an option for you but it's very adaptable. I microwave a scrambled egg (just add one little milker & a tiny bit of salt & pepper to one egg) and then chow down on a bunch of veg like peppers & cucumbers. You can also make a breakfast salad - baby spinach with whatever veg & throw a fried egg on top (spray oil) with a squeeze of lemon over it all (obviously easier to do if you're at home).

I'm not sure how I feel about a bunch of carbs in the morning (apparently it spikes your insulin and effects how you digest your food throughout the rest of your day) but if you like your grains first thing then why not try switching to oatmeal? That is, the good kind - straight up oats that you can add your own taste too (oats, cut up apple, cinnamon, salt, a pinch of brown sugar, a milker or two, throw in microwave et voila). The boxed kind typically has soooo much sugar added so best to make your own.

I've also been singing the praises of Greek yogurt - can have 18g protein per serving which will help to keep you more satiated (throw some granola on top and a couple berries and I bet this will keep you fuller longer than your cereal).

So why do you need to hold on 'till noon? Can you not sneak a banana or granola bar or some other simple item to quell the hunger? It's not a great idea to let yourself stay so hungry because given the chance (i know i do) you'll binge on whatever first chance you get.

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