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I was drinking 5-8 mountain dews a day.... It sucked but I went cold turkey... Didnt buy it, Instead I carried a water bottle constantly. Now when I get a drink it seems really sweet (and that only took 2 weeks!!) I use green tea in my breakfast smoothie daily for my caffiene boost! Between the sugar in all the fruit and and the green tea it helps. you could also find another tea thats more caffienated as well....

Incase you want to know what my smoothies look like this is what I do....

I start by making green tea, I use two tea bags in 8oz of water. Then put that and 2 cups of kale in the blender. Blend it to a juice form. Then I add about 2 cups of whatever fruit I feel like I swear I ALWAYS! have strawberries in it (I always keep strawberries, peaches, mangos, and blueberries frozen in the freezer always) blend it again. Then add in a tablespoon or two of flaxseed and stir it in then boom pour it in my smoothie cup (and of course a little into my 1 year olds cup too or else I dont get to drink mine!)
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