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Welcome, Gonna_Get_There_Soon!

Sum38: 3000 minutes
kelijpa: 26 days
sweetenuf: 15 days
KarinRose: 21 days, weeks 1-4 of C25K
muddpies: 25 hours
RedheadSunbeam: gym 2x a week
Donna34747: 60 miles
shea: BL dvd 5x a week, Anderson dvd 3x a week
Olivia7906: 25 miles, 13 heavy lifting sessions
Turtle11: 55 miles, 13 workout videos
soon2beskinnyCarma: Weightlift 4x a week, yoga 1x a week, run 2x a week, 1x a week, weeks 10-12 of C210K, 300K steps
casakran: 1200 minutes walk/jog, 400 pushups, 2000 crunches
Yogini99: 600 minutes walk, 20 yoga classes, 400 pushups, 2000 crunches
nonameslob: complete a 10 mile bike ride
curvynotlumpy: 1500 minutes
Mountain_Mamma: 25 days (and sit less)
bunnabear: 5 days a week
Dreamer2012: 40 miles, 500 minutes in gym
Cattails: 1800 minutes
tyla: 1200 minutes
Soldiers_Wife09: run stairs 20x a day, T25 workout, walk 60 minutes a day
shr1nk1ngme: 4 days a week
gardenerjoy: 1500 minutes
RVAscreenwriter: weights 15x
BigChiefHoho: weeks 5-8 of C25k, start lifting weights
xRiotGirl: walk 20 miles
Gonna_Get_There_Soon: stationary bike 45 min MTWTH, 100 squats & 60 sit ups a day
My goal story: Fifty and feeling fabulous!
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