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Britchick: First I feel for your frustration. I felt a whole gambit of negative emotions for years trying to control my eating with what felt like 50 different "healthy food plans." I know the fear and desperation you have pointed to. I am also 50.

Ok, here comes an unpopular thought on the whole binge thing!

I had to cut out almost every food and go on a strict pre-planned, prepackaged, very restrictive plan to break my food addictive behaviors. Yup I threw out/gave away everything in my house that was not "on plan." I ate nothing but Medifast and wonderslim and the allowed "lean and greens for the past 60 or so days. I was out of control and could not stop myself from killing myself with a fork. I needed a drastic intervention. Medifast to the rescue. From January 10th until Feb 3, I tried to "clean my gut" with a cleanse, use atkins 72 (almost no carbs) eat vegan and raw(listening to my raw foodist health coach daughter)and ended up binging on a whole pizza, cookies, icecream and whatever for 2 solid days until, I just gave up trying the "healthy stuff" until I could get myself under control. I never lost a lb in January. My Bp was out of control on two meds, I was taking 2 asthma drugs and antidepressants and my next step was taking insulin.

I have a sister that had the vertical sleeve stomach removal in Jan too. I was just as sick as she was and did not want to HAVE to go that route.

Now, 65 days later I'm down 33lbs. I am on one bp med and my blood sugars are normal everyday. I let go of one asthma med and exercise 4x a week at least. AND I can stop eating when I'm full, cravings are mostly gone except the peri-menopause stuff but now I can at least make a choice about what I'm doing with my fork. Rather than stabbing myself in the eye with it. and for goodness sake no ANTIDEPRESSANTS for me. Diet and Exercise took care of that.

I know this post is long but I wanted you to know that sometimes we need help getting on the right track. Self control is not the issue- body systems are. The pre-planned diet was designed so I did not have to make choices. Just followed the plan, it worked for me.

I am now transitioning to all "real" food and am able to take all the good advice that was given to me before. But, 'for me' it all has to be done WITH A PLAN, written out, spelled out and exacting for me. I need absolute success this time! I just don't have anymore time to lose.

Best wishes with whatever you chose to do. Never, Never think of yourself as weak or alone. There is 40% of the population in the same boat as us. Stay in touch on here it really does help a lot.

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