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Originally Posted by Wannabeskinny View Post
I completely agree that real health means being in tune with what our bodies require. And yes, Americans are overfed yet undernourished in so many ways.

However, the "hungry enough to eat an apple" analogy is not helpful. If people don't understand their motives for eating, are not in touch with their hunger/satiety signals and mostly eat for reasons than hunger, then how can they possibly understand their hunger enough to eat something they don't want to eat anyway?

That's like saying "if you're not tired enough to sleep on the cold pavement then you're not really tired."

Instead, IE can help those of us who have compulsions to eat out of non-hunger.
Sorry if I made it sound a little simplified... perhaps that led to misunderstanding. I agree people need a bit of professional help to figure out what their real needs are, and not to 'default to food, ' as I stated before. Life is about so much more than that. We need to learn to enjoy other things as well as food.
I've noticed though, that very few people who have difficulty with 'cravings' are craving healthy food, they generally crave processed junk. Just playing 'devil's advocate.'


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